ecoAmerica starts with people to genuinely understand and address Americans’ core concerns and how they relate to climate and sustainability. We seek greater effectiveness in the way we engage with people, always with the goal of growing the base of support. Our vision is of a coalition of the whole. As Americans, we can join across our differences to solve the biggest problem that affects us all: climate change.

Our Approach:


We employ deep and predictive consumer research that tells us which Americans are ready to move on our issues, and how we can activate them.


We then design programs with partners in other sectors who will effectively reach and motivate the many sectors, regions, cultures ad values that make up mainstream America.


Finally, we catalyze national engagement  programs, that inspire participation to transform how Americans live, work, pray, and play.


The result is a measurable and lasting increase in awareness, understanding and action among the engaged audience.

If we want Americans to change their priorities, we need to change ours.  We need to make people a priority and connect with core values while keeping climate justice at the forefront of all our efforts.

All of our researchsummits, and programs are grounded in partnerships. We invite strategic collaboration to further collective success.

Together, we can do more.

America at an Inflection Point: 2013 Annual Report

Americans are awakening to the reality of global warming. The climate system has "tipped" and the impacts are being noticed by Americans. Less obvious is when our social systems will tip in response. We need to provide the thought leadership and build the public support that our political system requires for effective policy. Read our latest annual report to learn about our 2013 strategy for effective, collective action.

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