UNFCCC Executive Secretary Christiana Figueres addresses leaders at the 2014 Path to Positive - MomentUs Leadership Summit, emphasizing the need to engage people for climate solutions.

ecoAmerica holds annual leadership summits — one-day, invitation-only conferences— that bring together the brightest and most innovative leaders from diverse sectors within and beyond the movement.

These leaders share their own research, thinking and best practices.  They discuss, collaborate and prioritize solutions for the myriad of aspects for connecting with Americans on climate change.

These summits inspire new strategies, plans, and levels of collaboration, and forge fresh alliances with new sectors to engage the hearts and minds of Americans on climate solutions.

Latino Climate Leadership Summit

Latino Summit

Latino Summit Latino leaders bring unique perspectives to climate solutions.

2015 Summit Report

2015 Summit cover

Discover the highlights of ecoAmerica's annual summit.

 2015 Summit Report

American Climate Leadership Summit

American Summit

Our national summit unites leaders across America.

2015 Climate for Health: National Leadership Convening

CFH Convening cover

Leaders in healthcare actively discuss the impacts of climate change.

 2015 Climate for Health: National Leadership Convening

2015 Summit cover

2015 Summit Report

National leaders from across sectors met in Washington, DC this May for the annual ecoAmerica Leadership Summit. 180 individuals collaborated and ranked their best ideas on building leadership and public support within their sectors and across the country for meaningful action on climate change. This report summarizes the context, speakers, and results from the sessions and breakout discussions. 

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CFH Convening cover

2015 Climate for Health: National Leadership Convening

Climate for Health, Health Care Without Harm, and the U.S. Climate and Health Alliance brought together over 70 leaders from across the country to the first Climate for Health National Leadership Convening in April 2015. Over 2 days, health representatives from medical, public health, and health care organizations engaged in conversations and strategic planning to discuss a health sector response to climate change with the goal of expanding, accelerating and elevating health leadership on this critical issue. 

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Download the National Leadership Convening Summary

2014 MomentUs Summit cover

2014 Path to Positive: MomentUs Leadership Summit

In May 2014, national leaders from the health, business, higher education, faith, communities and stewardship sectors gathered in Chicago at the “Path to Positive – MomentUs 2014 Leadership Summit” to share thoughts and collaborate on moving America forward on climate solutions. The enthusiasm and thoughtful participation of the 140 leaders generated great ideas, new opportunities, real inspiration, a sense of hope, and a yearning for more collaboration. 

View the Path to Positive - MomentUs Leadership Summit website

Download the 2014 Summit report

2012: Changing Seasons, Changing Lives

Changing Seasons, Changing Lives brought the brightest and most innovative leaders together for a structured day of learning, sharing, and collaboration to seek and plan ways to inspire Americans to prepare for and prevent further risks brought about by climate change. Attendance was by invitation only, and included nearly 100 of America’s leading CEOs, CMOs, academics and cultural celebrities -- climate and sustainability leaders, innovative social science and communication experts, and leaders from a diverse array of other sectors.

The summit consisted of three sessions: New Realities, Strategies for Solutions, and Collaboration for Success

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2011: Change of Atmosphere

Change of Atmosphere was a one-day, invitation-only summit that brought together the brightest and most innovative behavior change and climate communication leaders from various disciplines and sectors to share the latest research and best practices, create plans, and forge further collaborations to change the atmosphere – the conversation and engagement of the hearts and minds of Americans – on climate, and infuse support for solutions into the fabric of American culture.

The summit consisted of three sessions: Moving Toward Climate Solutions – Who and How?, What Can We Sell and Which Americans Will Buy?, and Inspiring A Change of Atmosphere – Strategies and Tactics to Move Forward

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2010: America the Best

America the Best was a one-day, invitation-only conference that sought and found ways to transform how Americans think about and respond to climate change. The summit brought together 60 of America’s leading social scientists and practitioners from the academic, NGO, foundation and corporate sectors who share a commitment to engaging public support in addressing climate change and are willing to share their knowledge and collaborate on strategies to move forward.

The summit consisted of three sessions: A New Vision for America, Social Solutions for Climate (and ecosystems), and Building a Climate Values Majority

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