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climate change newsEvery Friday, we round up the week’s most interesting and useful climate stories. Check in to learn about major developments, new findings, and effective solutions for addressing climate change. 


There’s a handy new tool showing how our climate has heated up over the past century. It was created by a Finnish researcher using NASA data.

New Video Visualizes a Century of Climate Change in Just 35 Seconds (Yale Environment 360)

And here’s a list of films to help us learn and teach about climate change:

5 Climate Change Movies to Watch After ‘An Inconvenient Sequel’ (Metro)


A survey showed that globally, people consider climate change a top national-security concern.

Globally, People Point to ISIS and Climate Change as Leading Security Threats  (Pew Research Center)


ecoAmerica’s Path to Positive Communities program just announced a partnership with two major organizations: the National League of Cities and the Local Government Commission. We’re teaming up to accelerate local climate leadership! (ecoAmerica blog)


Our European ally is becoming a clean-energy role model.

Germany’s Transition from Coal to Renewable Energy Offers Lessons for the Rest of the World (Ensia)

These days, the city that never sleeps is the city that loves carbon-free transportation:

More New Yorkers Opting for Life in the Bike Lane (The New York Times)

An auto reviewer declared the latest EV a winner:

Driving Tesla’s Model 3 Electric Car Changes Everything (Bloomberg)

And a relatively small dietary change has been found to have a huge climate payback:

If Everyone Ate Beans Instead of Beef (The Atlantic)


The Trump Administration decided to continue working with states to implement regulations on ozone, a greenhouse gas.

EPA Walks Back Delay of Obama Air Pollution Rule (The Hill)

And an energy group found that a healthy majority of Republicans and other conservatives favor clean-energy policies and federal government involvement in addressing climate change.

Right-Leaning Group Says Trump Voters Want Climate Action (E&E News)


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