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Every Friday, we round up the week’s most interesting and useful climate stories. Check in to learn about major developments, new findings, and effective solutions for addressing climate change.



The former Sierra Club president and coauthor of Climate of Hope spoke recently about reframing climate change as an opportunity to solve many problems at once. “We need to stop looking for a single bullet and break down the climate challenge into the problems that created it,” he said.

Carl Pope Is Changing the Conversation on A Very Hot Topic (NEXT Pittsburgh)


Research commissioned by the textile industry has found that sustainability matters to fashionistas. Climate change came in third on a list of 16 issues these shoppers worry about.

Study: Climate Change a Top Concern for Consumers (Women’s Wear Daily)

Research published in the journal Climatic Change found that political stereotypes don’t hold: Views on climate vary across party, state, and congressional district.

Study: Not All Republicans Are Climate Change Doubters (


A quintet of prominent nursing organizations have joined ecoAmerica’s Climate for Health program and The Alliance of Nurses for Healthy Environments  in signing the new Nursing Collaborative on Climate Change and Health.

5 Major Nursing Groups Join Climate Action Collaborative (ecoAmerica blog)


Major fossil fuel companies are waking up to the role they can play in reducing their environmental impact. Let’s hold them to their pledges!

Shell Doubles Up on Green Spending and Vows to Halve Carbon Footprint (The Guardian)

Exxon, Oil Giants Team Up to Reduce Methane Emissions (The Hill)

The education sector is starting to rely on renewable energy. It’s saving them money, and offers a STEM teaching opportunity as well.

5,500 U.S. Schools Use Solar Power, and That’s Growing as Costs Fall, Study Shows (Inside Climate News)


HFCs, such as those used in air conditioners and refrigerators, are potent greenhouse gases. The Kigali Amendment phases them out, and the U.S. will sign on to it.

One International Climate Agreement Trump Supports (Inside Climate News)

The  nominee to lead a federal science agency (wait for it) accepts climate science.

Barry Myers, Trump’s Pick to Run NOAA, Declares Humans Are Main Cause of Climate Change (The Washington Post)


California’s Forest Carbon Plan aims to make the state’s trees healthier and thus better able to store carbon. It will be funded through its “cap and trade” market.

 Using Forests to Fight Climate Change (Bloomberg)


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