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Every Friday, we round up the week’s most interesting and useful climate stories. Check in to learn about major developments, new findings, and effective solutions for addressing climate change.

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A software engineer has invented a new way to visualize temperature trends that can help us communicate climate change. His science animations have even gone viral on Twitter.

This Hypnotizing Animation Shows the Incredible Trend of Global Warming (Vox)


ecoAmerica’s  American Climate Perspectives Survey was released this week. The November 2017 report covers voting patterns, response to the recent hurricanes, and more.

American Climate Perspectives (ecoAmerica website)


Jerry Taylor made a living promoting doubt about climate science. But once he examined the evidence, he became a believer– and an advocate. (This article includes an in-depth podcast interview.)

He Was a Professional Climate Denier. Then He Switched Sides (Mother Jones)


The world’s seventh-largest bank announced plans to invest in clean energy projects and low-carbon technologies at a massive scale.

HSBC Bank Pledges $100 Billion of Finance By 2025 to Combat Climate Change  (Reuters)

A report from the World Meteorological Organization says we can significantly reduce the globe’s latest warming trend and ease heatwaves by re-foresting.

Planting Trees Could Mop Up Ten Years’ Worth of Greenhouse Gases (New Scientist)


Newly elected governors, legislators and mayors in New Jersey, Virginia, Washington, Florida and beyond have pledged to boost clean energy, re-enter or expand regional carbon markets, and take up the mantle on climate.

Election Winners Promise Climate Action in Coast-to-Coast Pushback on Trump (Inside Climate News)

This week marked the start of the 23rd UN climate conference in Bonn, Germany, where countries will work out how to implement the Paris Agreement. This article explains how cities are stepping up to help, and what they’ll need from nations to achieve their climate goals.

How Can Countries Make Progress at COP23? Work with Cities (World Resources Institute blog)


Southern California’s Clean Air Action Plan, unanimously adopted by commissioners, provides a framework for transforming the massive hub for freight-moving trucks, trains and ships to cleaner technologies through 2035.

L.A., Long Beach Ports Adopt Plan to Slash Air Pollution and Go Zero-Emissions (The Los Angeles Times)

Clean power projects are taking off in conservative Southern states such as Mississippi, whose large utilities are drawn to them mainly for economic reasons. But the environmental benefits are just as real.

2 Reasons Solar Is Booming in Trump Country: Price and Energy Independence (Inside Climate News)

Massachusetts’  state government has been busy.  Its House of Representatives passed a bill requiring the state to uphold the terms of the Paris Agreement, and its Senate will soon debate another requiring agencies to develop climate-adaptation plans.

Dual Bills Call for Climate Change Action  (Lowell [MA] Sun)



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