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Every Friday, we round up the week’s most interesting and useful climate stories. Check in to learn about major developments, new findings, and effective solutions for addressing climate change. 



This article affirmed that journalists have an important role to play in producing climate-change news that is both is localized and empowering.

Going Full Doomsday: Reporters Must Convey the Perils of Climate Change Without Paralyzing Their Audience (Columbia Journalism Review)


The Beyond Coal campaign to cut the number of U.S. coal-fired plants by two-thirds by 2020 got another boost this week from New York’s former mayor.

Bloomberg’s Charity Donates $64 Million to ‘War on Coal’ (Reuters)

In Pittsburgh to train more than a thousand new speakers for the Climate Reality Project, Al Gore shared thoughts on climate communication, the Paris Agreement, and his optimism about  building consensus for climate legislation in Washington.

Al Gore: We’re Getting Close to Bipartisan Action on Climate (StateImpact Pennsylvania)


The Yale Program on Climate Change Communication recently surveyed Americans about a climate tax and how to spend the proceeds. Turns out we’re willing to see our utility bills rise a bit —if the money goes toward clean energy.

Americans Are Willing to Pay $177/Year to Avoid Climate Change (Vox)


According to a new study, cities don’t need a grand climate-action plan to become more resilient. Instead, they should focus on reducing specific risks, such as flooding.

The Key to Solving One of Cities’ Biggest Problems? Think Small   (FastCo.Design)

Individuals and organizations wishing to divest their money from fossil fuels now have many greener choices.

Funds That Can Put Your Investments on a Low-Carbon Diet (The New York Times)

Tomorrow’s autos may not only use the sun as power, but also supply energy back to the grid. One race car already does.

‘This Is the Future’: Solar-Powered Family Car Hailed by Experts  (The Guardian)


Don’t let this headline fool you. Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) says a federal carbon tax may be closer than we think, thanks to growing acceptance of climate reality across party lines.

The Senate’s Top Climate Advocate Explains Why Congress Is Doing Nothing About Global Warming  (Vox)


Dale Ross, the Republican mayor of Georgetown, TX,  led his small city off of fossil fuels. In this article, he talks about why and how he did it– and the results so far.

This Is What America’s Eco City of the Future Looks Like (The Guardian)

You don’t have to be a nation to attend a climate summit. Upstate New Yorkers assembled last week to discuss the climate effects they’re already seeing, and to brainstorm what they can do about it.

Hudson Valley Climate Summit: Researchers, Attendees Face Climate Change with Optimism  (Poughkeepsie Journal)



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