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Climate NewsEvery Friday, we round up the week’s most interesting and useful climate stories. Check in to learn about major developments, new findings, and effective solutions for addressing climate change. 



What’s the most effective way to frame climate messages? This essay argues that the scientific validity of human-caused climate change is a vital part of the policy discussion.

Why the 97% Climate Consensus Is Important   (The Guardian)


A new poll by The Associated Press-NORC Center and the Energy Policy Institute found that more than 60% of Americans believe climate change is a problem federal leaders need to address. The largest share of respondents (41%) also opposed repeal of Obama’s Clean Power Plan.

Poll: Most Americans Want Government to Fight Climate Change (The Hill)

A new study in Environmental Research Letters found that reducing forest loss and increasing soil’s ability to store carbon could slash greenhouse-gas emissions in the agriculture sector.

Win-Win Strategies for Climate and Food Security (


Catholic institutions  across the globe have teamed up for a shift to cleaner forms of energy. They are pulling out of, or forswearing, fossil-fuel investments and urging others to join them.

Shunning Fossil Fuels, 40 Catholic Groups Seek Climate Action (Reuters)


Trains, planes, and automobiles…have an enormous carbon footprint. But a clean-tech revolution in the transportation sector is about to take off. One of the world’s largest auto manufacturers said it will phase out its gas and diesel cars, offering 20 zero-emissions electric models by 2023.

General Motors Is Going All Electric (Wired)

…and a UK airline is teaming with a US company to build battery-powered,  lower-emissions planes.  The lighter, quieter craft will be capable of short-haul flights,  like from London to Paris.

EasyJet Says It Could Be Flying Electric Planes Within a Decade (The Guardian)


President Trump continues to try to roll back environmental regulations.  But former EPA head Gina McCarthy said moves to dismantle Obama’s climate initiatives are unlikely to withstand legal challenges.

Obama Environmental Chief Says Trump Rollbacks Won’t Wash (The Philadelphia Inquirer)

Support for sensible climate and energy policies is becoming a popular campaign platform.  Rebecca Otto, running for Governor of Minnesota, is one such candidate.

Climate and Energy Are Becoming Focal Points in State Political Races (The Guardian)


Areas hard hit by hurricanes are rebuilding for storm resilience. Prefabricated, energy-efficient homes are becoming the model of choice in places including Florida and post-Irene Vermont.

Rebuilding After the Hurricanes: These Solar Homes Use Almost No Energy  (Inside Climate News)

The transition from dirty energy to a green economy could spell job loss for workers in the fossil fuel industry.  But as this story revealed, “miners may have just the skills for scaling wind towers and putting solar panels on roofs. And that’s no small thing in Wyoming and West Virginia.”

What’s Up in Coal Country: Alternative-Energy Jobs (The New York Times)



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