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Every Friday, we round up the week’s most interesting and useful climate stories. Check in to learn about major developments, new findings, and effective solutions for addressing climate change.


This article offers important nuance on how to talk convincingly about climate.  As the author puts it, “A smart communications strategy will be tailored as specifically as possible to particular identities, delivered by trusted members of those tribes, and sustained over time.”

Does Hope Inspire More Action on Climate Change Than Fear? We Don’t Know (Vox)

Cartoons offer a unique format to address environmental issues in  a way that appeals to youth.  A comic-book character called ‘Light’ – a half tree-half human who uses special powers to save nature from a warming planet– will make its debut on Earth Day 2018.

21-Year-Old Sathviga Sridhar from India Wins First Ever UNICEF Climate Comic Contest (UNICEF website)


Each year, Al Gore hosts “24 Hours of Reality” to spotlight climate action all over the globe. In this interview, he talks about why he’s still optimistic that these efforts (and his own) will succeed.

Why Al Gore Isn’t Giving Up the Climate Change Fight (The Verge)


A study from the World Resources Institute found more evidence that trees can help remove billions of metric tons of CO2 from the atmosphere — and “cost effectively” to boot.

Here’s a Great Way to Visualize the Huge Potential of Forest Conservation and Restoration as ‘Natural Climate Solutions’ (Mongabay)

Speaking of forests, this story describes new techniques researchers are studying to maximize the forest acreage that can be saved and the amount of greenhouse gases trees can absorb.

Forest Gumption: How Scientists Are Tapping Everything From Drones to Pruning Shears to Stem Global Warming (Christian Science Monitor)


Communities facing loss of electricity when wild weather comes– i.e., more and more of us –have a new backup tool in standalone mini grids. These systems can also help integrate renewables into the energy mix.

Microgrids Keep These Cities Running When the Power Goes Out (Inside Climate News)

Apparently driving an EV auto is not only “green,” but cost-effective too, especially in the UK. They’re even cheaper to own than hybrids, according to the study in this article.

Electric Cars Already Cheaper to Own and Run Than Petrol or Diesel: Study (The Guardian)


In this radio interview with Rep. Carlos Curbelo of Florida, he talks about the goals and accomplishments of the House Climate Solutions Caucus, which has equal numbers of Republicans and Democrats on board.

Congress More Bipartisan on Climate Change (Living On Earth)

City leaders convened earlier this week at the North American Climate Summit in Chicago to confirm their commitment to climate action. Read and listen to what our former President told them:

Obama Praises Mayors as ‘New Face’ of Leadership on Climate Change in Trump Era (USA Today)


Did you know Iowa gets 40% of its power from wind and solar farms? As this story explains, “Economics and geography are both key to developing renewables” at scale.

 California Is Plenty Green But Iowa Has the Cleanest Power (Bloomberg)


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