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Every Friday, we round up the week’s most interesting and useful climate stories. Check in to learn about major developments, new findings, and effective solutions for addressing climate change.


Have you discovered the Warm Regards podcast yet?  The show, co-hosted by meteorologist Eric Holthaus, offers topical takes on our warming planet. The most recent episode featured Dr. Katharine Hayhoe on her favorite topic: Talking about climate change.

Finding Shared Values – Katharine Hayhoe on Engaging with Climate Change Deniers (Warm Regards podcast)


One of our giant tech companies plans to invest $50 million to make previously inaccessible information about the condition of our land, sea, and atmosphere available to all–and provide the tools to use it for environmental education, innovation, and solutions.

Microsoft “AI For Earth” Project Will Democratize Access to Climate Change Data (CleanTechnica)

This story shares how old plant and animal specimens housed in natural history museums “are finding new life as windows into the past of a changing world” that can also help us foresee the future.

Seeking Answers on Climate Change, Scientists Venture into the Vaults of the Past (Ensia)


Climate Lobby announced a conference call on December 27 to train everyday Americans in how to lobby their representatives for policies that help cut greenhouse gas emissions — particularly “carbon fee and dividend” legislation. You didn’t miss it; they’re held weekly.

Weekly Intro Call (Citizens Climate Lobby website)

The environmental news site EcoWatch announced its choice for top climate leaders of the year. Some are who you’d expect, such as Al Gore; others a surprise, such as Stephen Hawking and Michelle Rodriguez. We could add many more names!

14 Notable Climate Influencers of 2017 (EcoWatch)


Renewable energy sometimes competes for space with agriculture. But researchers from the University of California have determined that alternative sites can accommodate solar development: buildings, lakes, and contaminated land, among others.

Utility-Scale Solar Installations Can Avoid Using Farmland, Study Says  (Yale Climate 360)

A two-semester, multidisciplinary class at the University of Connecticut is teaching undergrads about climate science and effects, then helps them identify solutions at the local level.

In New Course, Students Help Communities Adapt to Climate Change (Yale Climate Connections)


Here, the director of a global coalition supporting the Paris Agreement explains how the pact’s Nationally Determined Contributions are driving climate solutions, cooperation, and dropping carbon levels in nations across the globe.

Turning the Key to Action Against Climate Change (The Hill)

State and Local Action

Reducing carbon emissions is a vital reason to adopt wind energy — but clean power has many other benefits in the Lone Star State and beyond. This long-form article takes us to Sweetwater, TX for a close-up look.

In West Texas Where Wind Power Means Jobs, Climate Talk Is Beside the Point (Inside Climate News)


As 2017 ends, you can help ecoAmerica accelerate and amplify the climate solutions we need for a secure, healthy future. We are currently aiming to raise $500,000.  The good news is that thanks to a generous challenge grant from one of our Board members, all gifts made before Sunday, December 31 will be matched dollar for dollar! Please  donate here.


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