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  • August 19: The Chronicle of Philanthropy: "MacArthur's $50-Million Climate-Change Push Aims at Voters'"
  • February 5: The Huffington Post: "Why Communicating About Climate Change Is So Difficult: It's 'The Elephant We're All Inside Of'"(Connecting on Climate guide)
  • January 12: The Energy Collective: "Communicating About Climate Change: 'The Elephant We're All Inside Of'" (Connecting on Climate guide)
  • January: The Monitor on Psychology: "Adapting to a Warmer World"


  • December 19: MacArthur Foundation: "Guide Details How to Talk to Americans About Climate Change"
  • December 16: GreenBiz: "Need to Talk to a Climate Denier? Here's How" (Connecting on Climate guide)
  • December 11: GreenBiz: "Need to Talk to a Climate Denier? Here's How" (Connecting on Climate guide)
  • December 11: The Washington Post: "The 7 Psychological Reasons That Are Stopping Us From Taking Action on Climate Change" (Connecting on Climate guide)
  • November 3: Grist: "Wait, Who Says People of Color Don't Care About the Climate?" (ACV14 Racial/Ethnic Report)
  • October 31 Triple Pundit: "Can Higher Ed Solve the Climate Crisis?" (Solution Generation)
  • October 24: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution: "Higher Ed Can Lead Climate Solutions" (Solution Generation)
  • September 25: Mize Family Foundation: "American Climate Values 2014: Insights by Racial and Ethnic Groups" (ACV14 Racial/Ethnic Report)
  • September 25: Environmental News Bits: "American Climate Values 2014: Insights by Racial and Ethnic Groups" (ACV14 Racial/Ethnic Report)
  • September 24: Breitbart Unmasked: "American Minorities Have Greater Awareness of Climate Change" (ACV14 Racial/Ethnic Report)
  • September 19: Harvard University Sustainability: "Solution Generation Launches to Chart a New Course on Climate" (Solution Generation)
  • September 17: Inside Higher Ed: "New Council Aims to Push Climate Change Solutions" (Solution Generation)
  • July 28: Grist: "What is Climate Change Doing to Our Mental Health?" (Beyond Storms & Droughts report)
  • July 1: Psychology Today: "Beyond Storms and Droughts" (Beyond Storms & Droughts report)
  • July 1: Black Press of America: "Climate Change Can Change One’s Well-Being" (Beyond Storms & Droughts report)
  • June 23: "Climate Change Will Have Broad Psychological Effects, Report Finds" (Beyond Storms & Droughts report)
  • June 18: ClimateWire: "Mental Well-Being Will Suffer Under Changing Climate, Experts Say" (Beyond Storms & Droughts report)
  • June 18: Triple Pundit: "Stress & Anxiety: The Lesser-Known Effects of Climate Change" (Beyond Storms & Droughts report)
  • June 12: Take Part: "Got the Blues? Climate Change Could Be to Blame" (Beyond Storms & Droughts report)
  • June 10: The Weather Channel: "Climate Change Will Mean More Stress, Anxiety, PTSD in the Future: Report" (Beyond Storms & Droughts report)
  • June 2: Huffington Post Religion: "Hispanic Evangelicals: Climate Change, Family and Flock" (Blessed Tomorrow)
  • May 29: The Yale Forum on Religion and Ecology : "Interfaith Leaders Launch Blessed Tomorrow to Catalyze People of Faith on Climate Change" (Blessed Tomorrow)
  • May 22: San Diego Jewish World: "Rabbi Gutow joins Climate Change Summit" (MomentUs 2014 Summit)
  • May 15: SheWired: "Who the F is ... Rev. Nancy Wilson?" (Blessed Tomorrow)
  • May 12: Huffington Post: "Don't Just Recycle, Do Something!" (Blessed Tomorrow)
  • May 9: United Church of Christ : "UCC Conference Minister Part of National Interfaith Coalition to Address Climate Change" (Blessed Tomorrow)
  • May 7: Charisma: "Obama Spiritual Adviser and Megachurch Pastor Joel Hunter Launches Interfaith Initiative to Tackle Climate Change" (Blessed Tomorrow)
  • May 7: Orlando Sentinel: "Joel Hunter Launches Multifaith Effort on Climate Change" (Blessed Tomorrow)
  • May 7: WorldNetDaily: "Megapastor Launches Multi-Faith Effort on Climate Change" (Blessed Tomorrow)
  • May 7: Black Christian News Network: "Joel Hunter Launches Climate Change Initiative for Multifaith Leaders" (Blessed Tomorrow)


  • June 19: Bob Perkowitz presents "Climate Solutions, Moving from Theory to Practice at Scale" Part of the Southern Coastal Climate Network's (SECCN) webinar series
  • June 4:  AGPA: "Public gardens pledge to reduce the impact of climate change and inspire visitors with positive solutions" (YOUtopia)
  • January:  Public Garden 2012, Volume 27, Issue 2: “YOUtopia” and “Engaging Parents” (YOUtopia)


  • December 27:  Huffington Post: “Changing the Campus Climate on Climate Change” (ACUPCC)
  • December 20 : "Capitalizing on an Inflection Point in America"
  • November 29: "Engaging the Public on Sustainability"
  • October 8:  Michigan Live: “Delta College Receives ‘Green Genome Award,’ for Being Eco-Friendly, During Wisconsin Summit” (SEED Center)
  • August 29: "Bob Perkowitz Speaks at the New Economics Institute's Conference [Video]"
  • August 9: "Climate Skeptics and Conservatives, Alike, Are Changing Their Opinions"
  • August 8: "Following the Polling on Global Warming"
  • June 7: "Making Climate Change Real: Stop Adapting, Start Preparing"
  • April 17:  PR Newswire: “The Princeton Review Releases Free ‘Guide to 322 Green Colleges’ in Partnership with the U.S. Green Building Council” (Princeton Review)
  • February 16:  Second Nature: “New Data Quantifies Environmental Impact of Colleges & Universities” (ACUPCC)


  • December 15: “What Our Smog Has Wrought”
  • December 12: "Connecting with Americans: A Fresh Perspective"
  • November 21:  Time: “Talking About the Weather Just Got More Interesting”
  • November 17:  Climate Progress: “IPCC Extreme Weather Report Is Another Blown Chance to Explain the Catastrophes Coming If We Keep Doing Nothing”
  • November 17:  GreenBiz: “Are Smarter Consumers Green Less”
  • November 3:  Second Nature: “New Report Finds Higher Education Has Critical Role in Adapting to Changing Climate” (ACUPCC)
  • October 24:  Big Think: “Public Opinion and Political Participation in the Climate Change Debate”
  • October 10: "Here's A Hint: Try Facts and Reality"
  • October 4:  Huffington Post: “How to End the Recession”
  • July 5: "Why Americans Don't Get Climate Change" 
  • May 31:  TreeHugger: “Former Skeptic Denounces GOP’s ‘Ideologically Driven Magical Thinking” On Climate” 
  • March 20:  The Kathleen Show “Nature Deficit Disorder - Why we need to get our kids back outside” (NatureRocks)
  • March 9:  Psychology Today: “Five Ways Libraries Can Apply the Nature Principle” (NatureRocks)
  • January 26:  The Guardian: “Climate Change: Barak Obama Less Interested than Bush, Analysis Reveals” 


  • October 11:  Chronicle of Higher Education: “Community Colleges Start a Site to Collaborate on Green Jobs” (SEED Center)
  • October 10:  The SEED Center launches with American Association of Community Colleges

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