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climate news storiesEvery Friday, we round up the most interesting and useful climate stories from the week. Check in to learn about major developments, new findings, and effective solutions for addressing climate change.


A majority of Americans are concerned that climate change will affect them or family members personally, don’t think President Trump should remove regulations aimed at combating climate change, and believe cutting climate research is a “bad idea,” according to a new Quinnipiac University poll.
Voters Object to Cutting Climate Research — Poll (E&E News)

A new study explains why we can’t afford to let up on addressing climate change.
Carbon Dioxide Levels Could Reach Their Highest Point in 50 Million Years by the End of the Century (Washington Post)


A coalition of 17 states filed a legal challenge asking the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals not to delay ongoing proceedings on the Clean Power Plan, arguing that the EPA has a legal duty to regulate greenhouse gas emissions.
New York, Other States Challenge Trump Over Climate Change Regulation (Reuters)

Hoping to maintain a place at the negotiating table, large American coal companies including Peabody and Cloud Peak urged President Trump not to pull out of the Paris Climate Agreement.
U.S. Coal Companies Ask Trump to Stick With Paris Climate Deal (Reuters)

America’s biggest oil company, Exxon, also expressed its opinion that the U.S. should remain a party to the agreement.
Exxon to Trump: Don’t Ditch Paris Climate Change Deal (CNN Money)

Trump’s election has had a galvanizing effect on progressive religious groups in America, and they are increasingly taking action and forming new alliances to fight for climate progress and other causes.
‘Religious Left’ Emerging as U.S. Political Force in Trump Era (Reuters)

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