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Tens of thousands of Americans gathered in D.C. and other cities around America on April 22 to show their support for science and research. Climate change emerged as a central theme of the march, due largely to the Trump administration’s cuts to the EPA and denial of climate science.
Climate Change Was the Epicenter of March for Science (Climate Central)

At the march, a number of prominent physicians, including Climate for Health leadership circle member Dr. Georges Benjamin, spoke up in defense of science. Said Benjamin, “A nation that ignores science, that denies science, that underfunds science, does so at its own peril.”
Physicians Make Themselves Heard at the March for Science (MedScape)


Though Trump’s budget plans include cuts to many national science programs, American trust in science is holding steady. According to a recent General Social Survey, 40 percent of Americans say they have a great deal of confidence in science, vs. Congress (6 percent) or the press (8 percent). So why do so many people reject climate science? Humans have a difficult time grasping or accepting a fact that conflicts with their core identity.
People Trust Science. So Why Don’t They Believe It? (USA TODAY)


Yesterday, President Trump’s top aides met to discuss whether or not to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement. Earlier this week, attorneys general from more than a dozen states sent a letter urging Trump to maintain the United States’ commitment.
State Prosecutors Urge Trump not to Withdraw From Paris Accord (Reuters)

Many Republican lawmakers also see no upside to withdrawing, and believe doing so may lose America opportunities to compete on the world market.
Republicans Are Rethinking Their Disdain for the Paris Accord (Los Angeles Times)

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