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Every Friday, we round up the most interesting and useful climate stories from the week. Check in to learn about new research, major developments, and effective techniques for engaging on climate change.


EPA Chief Scott Pruitt has expressed doubt that CO2 emissions are a primary contributor to climate change. On Fox News Sunday, anchor Chris Wallace asked Pruitt: “What if you’re wrong?” This simple but thought-provoking question has been proven to change the minds of skeptics – for example, Jerry Taylor, president of the Niskanen Center.
The ‘Simple Question’ That Can Change Your Mind About Global Warming (CNN Politics)


Carbon capture – preventing the emission of CO2 from sources like power plants – is having a moment. The first large-scale application of carbon capture technology on biofuels was launched in Decatur, IL. Though somewhat controversial, the project “could still be quite significant from a global climate perspective.”
The Quest to Capture and Store Carbon – and Slow Climate Change — Just Reached a New Milestone (Washington Post)

And last week, a bipartisan group of House representatives introduced the “Carbon Capture Improvement Act.”
Lawmakers Introduce Bills to Reduce CO2 from Coal, Gas Plants (E&E News)

Meanwhile, the financial benefits of clean energy are so obvious that a coal-mining museum is switching over.
Kentucky Coal Mining Museum Converts to Solar Power (WYMT)


For two years in a row, carbon emissions from electric power plants in the U.S. fell by about five percent each year — the first time in more than 40 years that emissions have fallen so dramatically over two consecutive years.
Electricity’s Carbon Footprint in U.S. Shrinks, Sets Record (Climate Central)

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