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ecoAmerica Statement on the SCOTUS EPA Ruling
and Failure of Reconciliation Legislation

The combination of the SCOTUS EPA ruling, it’s ramifications, and the failure of last chance budget reconciliation legislation amidst the global heat waves and their consequences have many climate solutions advocates in despair.  These are certainly potential catastrophes — body blows for our climate, our democracy, and humanity.

We have no time to waste. All solutions to the climate emergency now point to federal legislation at a point in time when the balance of power in congress and the SCOTUS is shifting away from justice, democracy, reproductive rights, and environmental protection.

There is only one path forward — we need to do everything we can to increase climate majorities in the House and Senate. Just maintaining or losing support will lead to unmitigated disaster. 

Amidst the urgency, we still must think strategically and work toward immediate and longer-term public support. At ecoAmerica we’re going to:

  • Shift our efforts further toward politics and policy (within our 501(c)(3) status) that proactively support immediate, effective climate solutions.
  • More directly coordinate with justice and democracy initiatives in America and ask them to actively incorporate climate action in their efforts.
  • Accelerate activation of our partnership network of over 100 national health, faith, and civic organizations in engaging their millions of members through our Local Action/National Purpose campaign with enhanced support and resources.
  • Seek additional support for these overarching efforts and specific research and programs including a new instance of the American Climate Values Survey to better inform our work and that of the climate movement.

Climate change might not be your #1 issue. Building public participation and political action for climate solutions might not be your #1 climate solution. But they are for us at ecoAmerica. Large majorities of Americans are concerned and want climate solutions. We can empower them to act — in their homes, communities, and voting booths. 

We can turn this catastrophe around, but all need to be as effective as possible right now as we head into what is likely to be a period of increased economic and political turmoil. This issue deserves your immediate and wholehearted support. 

About ecoAmerica

ecoAmerica builds institutional leadership, public support, and political resolve for climate solutions in the United States. We help national mainstream organizations elevate their climate leadership, providing them strategy, tools and resources to: demonstrate visible climate leadership, empower climate literacy, engage all constituents, and build collective action and advocacy. We help our partners transform into national climate leaders who inspire others on solutions.

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