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Future Coalition, American Climate Leadership Awards Finalist

 Future Coalition is among 10 American Climate Leadership Award finalists to be recognized at the American Climate Leadership Summit 2020 (ACLS 2020) on March 25 at the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center in Washington, DC. 

 Future Coalition – a network of youth-led organizations and youth organizers across the country – has been fostering community amongst young people making change and work to providing them resources traditionally only available to adult-led organizing. Future Coalition coordinated the US Youth Climate Strike Coalition, the group of the nine leading national youth-led climate organizations that led the (Fridays for the Future) climate strikes in the US.

“Young people are not going to sit around and watch our lives and futures be destroyed in front of us. We’re taking matters into our hands. We will continue to strike, march, and sit-in until we are heard and immediate and bold climate action is taken.”

Join us at the American Climate Leadership Summit 2020 (ACLS 2020) to honor Future Coalition and the other ACLA finalists. For more information about the ACLA finalists and ACLS 2020 go to and Register Today.

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