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Amidst the political setbacks and dystopian fear about the future, there really are many things to be hopeful about in our collective work to address climate change. We’re changing legacy energy systems that power the entire world in just a few decades. Costs for renewable energy continue to plummet, and energy storage is close behind.

So many of us are working on solutions from so many angles — technology, policy, financing, economics, politics and more. And yet, outside of the climate movement, most Americans aren’t thinking or talking about — or acting on — climate change. Other issues still seem more immediate and relevant.

We can build the movement rapidly if we empower America’s trusted leaders and institutions to act and advocate on climate. They understand the risks of climate change and their moral responsibility to lead. They just need some help.

ecoAmerica’s partner-centric, values-oriented approach is now a proven model for building the public support and political will we need for climate solutions. Through our health, faith, and local community partners, we open the doors for activists, engage conservatives, reach out to red states, connect through truly trusted messengers, and affordably reach millions of otherwise practically unreachable Americans. We’re on the right path.

We need your support to scale up more quickly to get America moving toward a positive-energy future.


Frank Loy,

Bob Perkowitz,

Building Political Will for Climate Solutions

ecoAmerica engages the country’s trusted national leaders and institutions in sectors that mean the most to voting Americans — health, faith, and local communities. We have agreements with dozens of these organizations that collectively reach over 100,000,000 Americans in every community in the nation.

We help our partners:

1. Elevate climate change to a top priority issue
2. Turn their members into climate-literate advocates
3. Engage all their stakeholders
4. Get them to act and advocate for climate solutions

We help them with public statements and commitments to climate leadership and action. Then we build resources — guides, presentations, webinars, toolkits — and an engagement plan with websites, media, conferences, in-person ambassador training, and outreach efforts.

And we work with our partners to build their internal capacity to make climate change an action and advocacy priority for their members.

Over the next three years, ecoAmerica will move toward public commitments from our partners to mitigate pollution in their own institutions, and to advocate for climate solutions in their organizations, communities, and with state and local policy makers.

What We Will Do Together

Expanding advocacy, action, and political will for climate solutions in America

Programs & Partners

How can we broaden the base of support for climate action in the United States?

Americans act on climate change for their reasons, not necessarily ours. And we need to go to them, not expect them to come to us. They need to hear messages from their own trusted leaders, understand how it affects things they hold dear — their health, their children, their jobs and homes, their food and water security, God’s creation — and know what they can do about it.

ecoAmerica’s work with health, faith, and community leaders makes those connections.

“The evidence has only grown stronger that climate change is responsible for an increasing number of health problems. Climate for Health provides a critical platform to elevate attention to the threats and engage public health leaders to promote health and safety.”

—Dr. Georges Benjamin, Executive Director, American Public Health Association

Health: A Powerful Connection to All Americans

"As Latino and minority populations continue to grow, along with our influence, we need to use our collective voice to promote health measures and climate solutions being discussed at this [ecoAmerica] summit. Nurses, in particular, need to add our voices to calls for climate justice. Collaborating with the Alliance of Nurses for Healthy Environments and ecoAmerica is a big step forward for us."
— Anabell Castro Thompson, MSN, APRN, ANP-C, FAAN, President and CEO, National Association of Hispanic Nurses

The evidence is growing ever harder to ignore — climate change is having broad, detrimental impacts on health. This is why twenty health and medical associations — representing more than 1.6 million health officials, nurses, pediatricians, and doctors who serve virtually all Americans — are working with us to align climate solutions with their core mission: to protect the well-being of their patients and prevent disease wherever they can.  View Our Partners

Our successes include:

Nurses from our Climate for Health Community

ecoAmerica is partnering with the Alliance of Nurses for Healthy Environments, a consortium of 12 national nursing associations reaching 1 million members, to produce commitments, mitigation and advocacy guides, conferences and policies to empower nurses to act on climate solutions.


Working with ecoAmerica, the American Public Health Association declared 2017 to be the Year of Climate Change and Health. We co-produced videos, presented at APHA conferences, and hosted webinars and workshops on climate and health solutions and advocacy reaching more than 15,000 public health officials.

Climate for Health Program

“Our first concern must be the children. We are very appreciative of the work that we do with you and of your support. I think we can and we must make a difference, with respect to climate change.” Dr. Fan Tait, American Academy of Pediatrics.

Faith: Addressing Climate as a Moral and Justice Issue

"Often times, it is faith communities and our 'moral compass' influence that is overlooked by donors and policymakers, but I truly believe that we are the sleeping giant catalyst for a forthcoming wave of climate engagement in this country."
— Colin Christopher, Office for Interfaith and Community Alliances, Islamic Society

America’s faith communities run the gamut from progressive to conservative, and have a rich history of driving social change in the United States. They are uniquely positioned to lead on climate change — and all believe it is our obligation to protect children and the vulnerable, engage in social justice, and care for God’s creation.

ecoAmerica works individually and collectively with nearly 20 national denominations to connect climate change with their core values, and help them lead on climate solutions. Through their clergy and places of worship in virtually every community in America, we help them to lead on mitigation and to advocate for action with their congregations and communities. View Our Partners

Our successes include:


“The AME Church works with ecoAmerica to address needs like environmental justice that we believe are most important in our community.” Jacquelyn Dupont-Walker, Director, Social Action Committee, African Methodist Episcopal Church, and Member, ecoAmerica Board of Directors.


ecoAmerica collaborates with the Christian Church – Disciples of Christ to commit to climate restoration and distribute toolkits to 3,900 congregations with sermons and resources to educate and activate parishioners.


The United Church of Christ has long been at the forefront of climate leadership. Our partnership with UCC amplifies that leadership with new videos, guides, and climate commitments.

Local Communities: Creating a Path to Positive Future

"With ecoAmerica’s Path to Positive program, our sustainability department will be able to create even more avenues for the community members to participate and help us move in a greener direction."
—Jackie Biskupski, Mayor, Salt Lake City

Now more than ever, states and local communities are on the frontline of climate mitigation and resilience. ecoAmerica has joined forces with several wide-reaching mayors’ networks to empower climate leadership and solutions in cities and towns across the country, with both Republican and Democratic mayors. View Our Partners

Our successes include:


In 2017 ecoAmerica launched our partnership with the National League of Cities. Through video and other outreach, CEO and Executive Director Clarence Anthony announced our collaboration to provide his 1,500 national members (representing 19,000 cities and towns) with local climate engagement programs.


Sustainability officers in U.S. cities know which policies will make their urban areas sustainable and resilient. The challenge is getting their citizens on board. ecoAmerica offers the Urban Sustainability Directors Network (600 members in 160 U.S. cities) tools and resources to help engage urban citizens in climate solutions.

Path to Positive Utah signing

Salt Lake City joined the ranks of cities committed to transition to 100% clean energy by 2032, and to lower greenhouse pollution 80% by 2040. Our Path to Positive Utah program was launched by Utah Clean Energy and ecoAmerica. Forty Utah mayors, business executives, faith and other leaders signed the Path to Positive Utah Declaration.

Research & Resources

"ecoAmerica’s research and report ‘Let’s Talk Climate: Messages to Motivate Latinos’ has been critical in helping shape Telemundo’s coverage of climate change for our audience that reaches 94% of U.S. Hispanic TV households in 210 markets."
—Vanessa Hauc, Senior Correspondent, Noticias Telemundo, and Board Member, ecoAmerica

Social science and communications research informs everything we do. We start with our partners’ values and expertise, and connect climate solutions to their priorities. We also learn from other climate communications research, and share ours freely so that we can all be more effective.

Our successes include:


In partnership with the American Psychological Association, we released Mental Health and Our Changing Climate: Impacts, Implications and Guidance, the nation’s most comprehensive report on the topic. Thousands of professionals have downloaded the report and it was featured in over 20 media outlets including Time, Newsweek, The Washington Post, and Psychology Today.


Our robust series of climate communication guides, Let’s Talk Climate for health, faith, community and Latino constituencies, are the go-to source for the most effective climate messaging. They contain specific words and phrases, do’s and don’ts, and a stepwise approach for crafting tailored climate communications. Each includes a webinar, and is co-branded for use by all of our partners.

Let's Lead Guide Cover

We launched Let’s Lead on Climate, featuring stories of leaders from health, faith, and local communities who are successfully engaging on climate solutions. These inspirational stories provide models that others can follow. The guide has been widely shared among our partners, their members, and others nationwide, and has been viewed over 15,000 times.

Collaborating for Collective Impact

"ecoAmerica events are truly unique. I know of no other nonprofit that brings together so many diverse audiences—from many different walks of life and across the political spectrum—and gets them working together on climate solutions that we all so urgently need."
—Phil Sharp, former U.S. Congressman; former President, Resources for the Future; Vice Chair, ecoAmerica Board of Directors

We can get farther faster if we work together. So ecoAmerica brings together diverse leaders from across the country, hosting national summits, in-depth forums, and quarterly leadership council meetings to share best practices and enhance collaboration to catalyze meaningful climate action and advocacy.

A diversity of high level leaders learn the latest on climate change and solutions, and collaborate within and across sectors to identify and prioritize winning strategies for expanding leadership, inclusion, and action on the issue. It’s the only gathering of its kind.

Our successes include:


Our 2017 Summit, “Taking Up the Mantle” brought together 300+ U.S. leaders to the National Press Club to strategize on climate action and advocacy. The resulting Recommendations Report contains over 40 speaker summaries and advice from the six Strategic Forums. ecoAmerica incorporates all this input into our own strategic planning and programs.


With our partner, Climate Resolve, ecoAmerica hosted the second Climate Day LA. Nearly 1,100 Angelenos attended the day-long event featuring LA Mayor Eric Garcetti, and civic leaders from all sectors, including activist Tom Steyer. It included a creative climate skit employing actors at a mock Thanksgiving dinner using our Let’s Talk guide. The musician Moby DJ’d at the VIP reception.


Each quarter, ecoAmerica brings over 100 leaders together in a series of sector Leadership Circle meetings. These key thought leaders and CEOs from national associations in health, faith and local communities share information and collaborate on ways to further climate leadership within their institutions and collectively as coalitions.

Leadership & Funders

Each of Us Can Make a Difference

“Thank you for joining me to discuss how the scientific community can better respond to the persistent, industry-funded efforts to discredit sound climate science. I appreciate having the benefit of your insight and expertise. […] I look forward to continuing to work with [ecoAmerica] on this important endeavor.”

—U.S. Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI)

Join Us!

You too can contribute to a sustainable future — with financial gifts to ecoAmerica as well as work in your own community. A large gift can help us equip a major national association with all of the tools it needs to prioritize climate and engage its members to act on and advocate for solutions. A mid-sized gift can help us make a short film to show thousands of parishioners how to green their churches and their lives. Contact us to learn more.

We’d love to talk!

For information on supporting our work, including gifts of securities, planned gifts, or tribute or memorial gifts, please contact:

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