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ecoAmerica’s Let’s Talk Climate provides guidance and support to climate activists as they seek to expand public support and political resolve for equitable and effective climate solutions. Let’s Talk Climate features: nature/science, health, communities, faith, politics, people, and leadership in rotating weekly sessions with empowering information and fresh ideas.

Let’s Talk Climate

Americans Feel Most Comfortable Talking About Climate Change With Friends and Family

In this special research episode, we take a look at our American Climate Perspective Survey with report co-author, Nicole Hill, MPH.

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ClimateRx: Climate Action in the Clinical Setting

Clinicians and public health workers are in the front lines of the climate crisis, seeing the real impacts on patients and communities. But it can be difficult to engage with others about these facts – visits are already stretched thin and there is a lot going on. ClimateRx is here to help! This new tool is developed to provide health care workers with a way to engage on climate and health in a non-interruptive, non-confrontational way.

Learn more with our panel of experts Dr. Stefan Wheat, MD, Instructor of Emergency Medicine at University of Washington, Bruce Bekkar, MD, Fellow, Climate for Health, ecoAmerica and Katherine Catalano, MS, Deputy Director, Center for Climate, Health and Equity, American Public Health Association. And register for your own ClimateRx badge at www.climateRx.org.

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