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Every Friday, we round up the week’s most interesting and useful climate stories. Check in to learn about major developments, new findings, and effective solutions for addressing climate change. 

Climate News


Meet the scientists and journalists behind a multimedia climate communication group that aims to empower:

Yale Climate Connections: America’s Beacon of Climate Science Awareness (The Guardian)


Some 70% of Americans now believe our climate is warming. Research is teasing out what convinced them.

What Changes Minds About Climate Change? (

A new study showed that clean energy has benefits beyond cutting greenhouse gas: Saving human lives.

U.S. Wind and Solar Power Helped Prevent Up to 12,700 Deaths (The Independent)

Another study found that consumers make “greener” choices when companies provide the information they need.

People Would Buy Sustainable Products if Only E-commerce Showed Them How (The Washington Post)


ecoAmerica board member Ed Begley Jr. debuted videos offering environmental education with humor:

Eating Garbage, Talking Sex: Ed Begley Jr. Tackles Sustainability in New PSAs (Park Forest eNews)

We lined up the first of many dynamic speakers for the American Climate Leadership Summit in October.

American Climate Leadership Summit Registration Open and New Speakers Announced (ecoAmerica blog)


There’s a promising new path to protect the climate: a “closed loop,” zero-waste society. This NGO’s blog explained it:

Four Perspectives on the Links Between Climate Change and the Circular Economy (Circle Economy blog)

Thanks to investor action, America’s biggest mutual fund now leans on companies to be open about how climate change will affect their business.

Vanguard Investment Fund Seeks Corporate Disclosure on Risks from Climate Change (Reuters)


The House Climate Solutions Caucus has introduced two new bills, working across the political aisle in Washington.

Signs of Bipartisan Progress on Climate Change   (The Baltimore Sun)

Alameda, CA’s municipal government is taking the lead on climate with 5 major sustainability initiatives and policies:

Around the Island: Acting Locally to Fight Climate Change (East Bay Times)


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