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Every Friday, we round up the week’s most interesting and useful climate stories. Check in to learn about major developments, new findings, and effective solutions for addressing climate change. 


An important new educational tool has debuted. German researchers and designers have created a video that depicts how greenhouse gas emissions have built up over the centuries–and what a difference the Paris Agreement can make for tomorrow’s climate.

The World’s Soaring CO2 Levels Visualized as Skyscrapers (CityLab)


Hope was also generated by this article, on a new scientific study published in the journal Nature Geoscience, whose headline says it all:

Ambitious 1.5C Paris Climate Target Is Still Possible, New Analysis Shows (The Guardian)

Sixty-four percent of adults polled in 26 countries said they believe we can address climate change if we take action now. The poll’s release coincided with the launch of a new campaign called Climate Optimist.

New Survey Finds That a Majority of People Globally Are Optimistic About Our Ability to Address Climate Change (ClimateWeek/The Climate Group website)


The 9th annual Climate Week kicked off September 18 in New York City and will continue until September 24. Read our blog to learn about the meetings and activities uniting leaders around climate action — with or without the US federal government.

Sustainability City: Climate Week Engages Stakeholders Across Borders  (ecoAmerica blog)


The UK, the nation that sparked the Industrial Revolution, will shutter its remaining coal plants by 2025. Dropping reliance on dirty fuel has led to a dive in Britain’s CO2 emissions. As the story’s author notes, “The world needs to follow.”

In a Stunning Turnaround, Britain Moves to End the Burning of Coal (Yale Environment 360)

Another Climate Week initiative saw corporations with large transportation fleets announce a transition to all-EVs and plug-in hybrids.

10 Giant Companies Commit to Electric Vehicles, Sending Auto Industry a Message (Inside Climate News)

As ecoAmerica research has found, people are willing to invest in a healthy climate, even if their energy bills rise. This article added support to that idea.

Americans May Finally Be Ready to Look at a Carbon Tax (Anthropocene)


Bipartisan climate leadership continues. Sen. Lindsay Graham told a meeting this week, “I’m a Republican. I believe that the greenhouse effect is real. .  . A price on carbon—that’s the way to go in my view.”

Republican Senator Endorses ‘Price on Carbon’ to Fight Climate Change (Time)

Native American tribes in the West, sovereign nations often hard-hit by climate change, are working together to plan for future impacts and become a voice in global climate efforts.

Tribes Commit to Uphold Paris Climate Agreement (High Country News)


The leadership team of C40, a coalition of 90 cities uniting to act on climate, are preparing “road maps” to help convince other metropolises to join them.

Cities Turn to Other Cities for Help Fighting Climate Change (Wired)



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