State of Our Climate, Breakthrough Solutions - American Climate Leadership Summit (ACLS19)

Recent IPCC and NCA reports indicate we need a rapid transition to climate solutions. America’s climate experts will share information on the state of our climate, and how breakthroughs on solutions are accessible and accelerating. Moderator: Frank Loy Speakers: Jay Faison, Ken Kimmell, Ellen R. Stofan, PhD, Brad Palmer


Opening, Keynote - American Climate Leadership Summit (ACLS19)

Welcome and overview followed by an opening keynote, offering inspiration as we prepare to share and collaborate for breakthroughs on climate leadership and solutions.


Breakthroughs on Nature and Carbon Capture - American Climate Leadership Summit (ACLS19)

Our natural systems clean our air, store carbon, protect us from heat, provide us sustenance, and make our communities more beautiful and resilient. National conservation and carbon capture leaders will share breakthroughs on how nature and other carbon capture methods provide powerful climate solutions. Moderator: Lisa Renstrom Speakers: Jason Albritton, Robert Bonnie, Andrew Bowman, Carter Roberts

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