The American Conservative Leadership Council (working title) is a program to ally, inspire, and empower a group of iconic American conservative leaders not normally associated with the climate stewardship movement in a structured, sustained campaign to engage their followers in supporting climate solutions.

Traditional conservatism is rooted firmly in the principles of generational responsibility and stewardship. These conservative values, which most conservatives still embrace, have gotten lost in today’s polarized political climate. In addition, temperature rise, seasonal weather changes, and their related economic impacts are now recognized by the vast majority of Americans, regardless pf political persuasion. Climate stewardship is a genuinely conservative value. Conservatives may be America’s best opportunity for optimal climate change solutions.

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Dates:  2013

Audience: 55 million registered Republicans and 42 million registered independents in America 

Strategy: Conservative leaders will promote an authentic and resonant rationale for Americans to take action, as individuals and as a nation, to reduce risks and maximize economic opportunities brought by climate change. 

Impact: The American Conservative Leadership Council will stimulate thoughtful and productive discussion among conservative opinion leaders and followers about climate change, break down partisan barriers, engage conservative Americans in common-sense climate solutions, preparation, and garner support for these solutions to be implemented. 


DC Office: 1730 Rhode Island Ave. NW, Suite 200, Washington DC 20036

SF Office: 870 Market Street, Suite 428, San Francisco CA 94102

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