Until ecoAmerica partnered with MonsterTrak and the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), there wasn't a website where job seekers could find a full range of green jobs. Existing small, niche "green job" only websites served a tiny fraction of the market need.

ecoAmerica's psychographic research showed that green jobs were a hopeful, optimistic message on the environment that resonates with Americans. GreenCareers then turned the seemingly ubiquitous rhetoric about green jobs into a tangible reality for early career job seekers. As they personally benefit from these employment opportunities, Americans realize that investments in environmental protection can be real solutions to our economic problems.

Dates:  2008

Audience: 14 million monthly visitors to Monster.com

Strategy: Connect choosing green with prosperity, and make green jobs a tangible reality by directly fostering access to green career opportunities for college graduates through the first national green careers listing.

Impact: The site and green jobs categorizations were so successful that companies were clamoring for green job designations. Monster.com integrated the program across platform in 2010.


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