The next decades offer America new and dynamic opportunities to transform our workforce and lead in the clean energy economy. SEED is at the foundation of this renaissance, providing community college students greater access to education and training for long-term career success.

SEED provides free to all community colleges sustainable curricular resources including: 1) Leadership guidance; 2) Promising practices and curricular materials; 3) Career pathways and workforce projections; 4) Faculty development and collaboration tools; 5) Implementation and communications support in renewable energy, energy efficiency, green building and more, dramatically scaling up green workforce development programs at community colleges nationwide.

Dates:  Launched October 2010, ongoing

Audience: 12 million+ community college students, plus educators, staff, employers and communities

Strategy: Presidential leadership appeal to mission, impact, ease, just communities, connection to employers.  Student appeal to jobs, prosperity

Impact: Rapid expansion of a 21st century American ‘green’ workforce.  Over 460 colleges have already become members



DC Office: 1730 Rhode Island Ave. NW, Suite 200, Washington DC 20036

SF Office: 870 Market Street, Suite 428, San Francisco CA 94102

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