Priscilla Martinez

Blessed Tomorrow Climate Justice Fellow

Priscilla has over 30 years of non-profit leadership, governance, and community organizing experience with a core focus on climate equity, civil rights advocacy, interfaith and intrafaith bridge-building, civic engagement, and leadership development.

Priscilla currently serves as a board member of Interfaith Power & Light (DC-MD-VA) environmental advocacy organization, an at-Large appointed member of the Virginia Governor’s Advisory Board on Service and Volunteerism, and the at-Large appointed member of the Loudoun County Library Board of Trustees. She previously served on the boards of the Blue Ridge Center for Environmental Stewardship and Boy Scouts of America (NCAC). Priscilla has also been invited to present on Nature Deficit Disorder at Jewish educators’ and parents’ conferences and to deliver testimony to the Environmental Protection Agency.

To date, Priscilla has achieved advancement for the nearly two dozen non-profit boards and community service commissions to which she has undertaken roles as a member or as chair. Managing change and complexity, she capitalizes on emotional intelligence, empathy, and professionalism to bring equity through diversity to the non-profit sector. She brings collaboration and actionable activism to (and on behalf of) communities which have been historically excluded whether due to their being a follower of a minority religion, or due to socio-economic constraints, educational inequity, or racial inequity.

Priscilla lives in the Washington, DC, metro area where she homesteads with her husband and children. Her hobbies include tending to their flock of heritage breed chickens, camping, hiking, and attending as many rock concerts as she can.