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It’s here! The Recommendations Report from the 2017 American Climate Leadership Summit, “Taking Up the Mantle” has just been published.

On October 25 and 26, ecoAmerica brought together 300 diverse national leaders from across sectors and society to the National Press Club in Washington, DC. During these two days, we listened to inspiring speakers and discussions and strategized on how to expand and accelerate effective climate action and advocacy in interactive forums, working together to plan paths forward during these critical times. The Summit recognized the inspiring leadership now burgeoning nationwide, and served as a rallying point to amplify that leadership in 2018 and beyond.

This year’s Recommendations Report collects the insights of more than 40 world-class speakers, summarizes the six sessions and strategic planning forums, and lists their top recommendations moving forward — nationally, locally, and with key constituencies.

Inside, you’ll find information and ideas covering:

  • The state of our climate, solutions, and what we need to do to inspire American support
  • Strategies for moving America forward on climate amidst an adverse federal administration
  • How to accelerate climate justice and inclusion, build a just transition, and establish intergenerational equity
  • New climate frontiers and tactics from a new generation of  leaders
  • Priorities for leadership at the community level and in the faith and health sectors

Please download a copy of the Recommendations Report and join ecoAmerica in the mission to bring these ideas to life, and include these priorities in your 2018 strategies and plans. We’d love to hear from you!

In the meantime, please enjoy and widely share this video featuring highlights from the Summit.


In the next few weeks, we’ll published insights and action priorities from the report on the blogs and across our social media –watch out for them.

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