Jacquelyn Dupont-Walker

Founding President, Ward Economic Development Corporation (WEDC); Chair, Social Action Committee, AME Church

For over 42 years, Dupont-Walker has been a professional in the public and private sectors. Mrs. Dupont-Walker’s strong commitment and calling to “faith-centered and empowering” development has made her a prophetic voice locally and nationally. Mrs. Dupont-Walker was a pioneer for desegregation at a major university, and has trailblazed on behalf of women and people of color in many arenas. She is the founding president of the Ward Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) and for 30 years has led it in developing over 280 units of affordable housing and one major shopping mall. WEDC has encouraged indigenous leadership, created neighborhood networks, facilitated job creation, conducted asset mapping, and spearheaded an intergenerational community building effort. In addition to WEDC, Mrs. Dupont-Walker serves as President of the Lafayette Square Association, Social Action Chair of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority (Century City), and a host of other civic organizations. As a lifelong member of the AME Church, Mrs. Dupont-Walker created AME V-Alert (voter mobilization). She is an officer of Ward AME Church in Los Angeles where she serves on the Board of Stewards (Membership Education Chair) and chairs the Social Action Commission, Lay and Missionary ministries. She has served on a host of committees and commissions.