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How Faith Communities Lead Social Movements 

How Faith Communities Lead Social Movements: Lessons for Climate Advocacy from the Immigration, Black Lives Matter, and President Trump Election Campaigns.
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Climate Priorities 2019: American Support for Solutions and Green New Deal 

New Poll Shows Democrats, Independents and Republicans Aligned in Support for Key Policies of Green New Deal and other Climate Solutions.
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American Climate Metrics Surveys (2016-2018)

Our national climate survey collected data from a broad range of Americans to analyze beliefs and opinions about climate change and climate solutions.


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Mental Health and Climate Change

Mental Health and Our Changing Climate: Impacts, Implications, and Guidance (2017)

This guide chronicles the impacts of climate change on Americans’ health and psychological well-being, including increases in stress and anxiety, loss of community identity, heightened aggression and violence, and many others. It builds from our 2014 Beyond Storms and Droughts research, and is intended to further inform and empower health and medical professionals, community and elected leaders, and the public.
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Beyond Storms & Droughts: The Psychological Impacts of Climate Change (2014)

This report explores the likely psychological impacts of climate change, from stress, anxiety, and depression to increases in violence and aggression and loss of community identity. This research is a joint project between ecoAmerica and the American Psychological Association.
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Let’s Talk Climate Series 

Let’s Talk Climate: Messags to Motivate Americans <Download> <View the Webinar>
Let’s Talk Communities & Climate: Communication Guidance for City and Community Leaders <Download> <View the Webinar>
Let’s Talk Faith & Climate: Communication for Faith Leaders <Download> <View the Webinar>
Let’s Talk Health & Climate: Communication for Health Professionals <Download>
Let’s Talk Climate: Messages to Motivate Latino Americans <Download> <View the Webinar>

15 Steps to Effective Climate Communications 

This guide is an update to our original Communicating on Climate: 13 Steps and Guiding Principles. Drawn from the latest research and real-life experience, it outlines a specific, easy-to-follow process for crafting and delivering successful climate change messages.
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Achieving a Climate for Health: Philanthropy to Promote Health and Justice Through the Challenges of Climate Change

This report, a collaboration between ecoAmerica and Health and Environmental Funders Network, is designed to introduce grantmakers to issues and opportunities that lie at the intersection of climate change and health.

Connecting on Climate: A Guide to Effective Climate Communication 

A joint project between the Center for Research on Environmental Decisions (CRED) at the Earth Institute, Columbia University and ecoAmerica, this guide includes research from a range of social science fields, including psychology, anthropology, and behavioral economics, and is designed to be useful for experienced and novice communicators alike.<Download> <View the Webinar>