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  • Meet the Judges
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    Meet the Judges

    ecoAmerica is thrilled to have another stellar group of climate leaders and advocates on board for the fifth annual American Climate Leadership Awards and the inaugural awards for high school students…

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  • One Home One Future
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    One Home One Future

    ecoAmerica’s program, Blessed Tomorrow is made up of denominations and organizations of many faiths. We have different names for the Divine. We have different sacred texts, holy days, and worship practices. But we all share one home called earth…

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  • A Deeper Change

    This photo is from Northfield, Minnesota, where a group of us gathered in 2014 to show our support for the earth and our opposition to the KXL Keystone Pipeline. I love the picture, which places human protest in the big context: river, sunset, trees, and town.

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    Bikes, Equity, & Climate Change

    There is unique power in communities that have endured injustices coming together for radical change. This year’s American Climate Leadership Awards winner — Cooperation Jackson — represents the people of Jackson, Mississippi who have endured merciless impacts from climate challenges.

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  • Mental Health Awareness Month: Resources to Act and Advocate

    To commemorate Mental Health Month, ecoAmerca is highlighting the resources featured in the report.

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  • We need coalitions to stop climate change

    Alycia Bacon is the New York Community Organizer for Mother’s Out Front and the 2024 winner of ecoAmerica’s #EveryoneEveryDay photo contest. Read the story behind this winning photo.

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