Climate Change is a big challenge,
and you can make a difference.

While we often hear we can’t make a difference on climate change, ecoAmerica believes the opposite is true. ecoAmerica achieves public will and political resolve for progress on climate action by partnering with leaders from major national institutions. We help them engage their millions of members and move society in a more rapid transition to climate solutions. This unique approach allows us to leverage individual actions and donations into a collective impact on climate – you can make a big difference.

Please support ecoAmerica’s work in building climate leadership and ensuring a healthy and prosperous world for our families and future generations. Your tax-deductible contribution will help us inspire millions of Americans to act on climate solutions.

Thanks to your support, we:

  • Provide support to a diverse network of 200+ leaders and professionals that guide our work with faith, health and local communities that reach Americans from all walks of life.
  • Maintain and grow partnerships with over 100 national institutions to elevate their visible climate leadership, reduce their climate impact, and engage tens of millions of Americans in climate solutions.
  • Host a series of annual national summits that bring together CEO-level leaders to amplify collaboration, share best ideas, and build momentum for climate solutions.
  • Produce monthly research reports and talking points to keep our network of leaders and their members current on climate solutions opportunities and how to speak about them.
  • Conduct original research and produce guides to help congregations, health facilities, and local communities mitigate their climate impact and advocate for policy solutions.

Please join us in scaling up our work to help get America on a path to a positive-energy future.

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