ecoAmerica builds institutional leadership, public support, and political resolve for climate solutions in the United States.

We help national mainstream organizations elevate their climate leadership, providing them strategy, tools and resources to:

  • Demonstrate Visible Climate Leadership
  • Empower Climate Literacy
  • Engage all Constituents
  • Build Collective Action and Advocacy

In two years, we help our partners permanently transform into national climate leaders who inspire others on solutions and commit to climate neutrality.

ecoAmerica’s mission to build public support and political resolve for climate solutions is built on our commitment to justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion (JEDI). ecoAmerica’s JEDI Commitment.


ecoAmerica expands climate leadership beyond traditional environmental circles. We’re building a diverse network of major institutions and thought leaders in five sectors – faith, health, communities, higher education, and business who have the power to inspire tens of millions of Americans on climate change, in counties and communities nationwide including our heartland. Watch these videos to learn more about our programs and hear our leaders speak.

Impact Report 2021
Impact Report 2021
JEDI Commitment
ecoAmerica’s JEDI Commitment

Marketing Intern

The Marketing Intern reports to the Marketing Director, supporting key marketing initiatives for ecoAmerica, our programs, and our strategic partnership initiatives. She/he contributes to ecoAmerica’s success by performing these functions in an effective, timely, professional, collaborative, and cost-efficient manner.

Marketing and Events Intern

The Marketing and Events Intern reports to the Marketing Director and Events Manager, supporting key marketing and events initiatives for ecoAmerica, our programs, and our strategic partnership initiatives.

Research Intern

The Research Intern reports to the Marketing and Research Manager, supporting key research initiatives for ecoAmerica, our programs, and our strategic partnership initiatives.

Development Assistant

The Development Assistant will be a critical part of a team working to meet an ambitious fundraising goal by soliciting contributions from individuals, foundations, corporations, and other nonprofit organizations.

Faith Sector Intern

The Faith Sector Intern is a tech savvy, stellar administrative professional with research skills and experience and an interest in engaging with faith communities. The successful candidate is someone who takes initiative, providing day to day administrative and programmatic support.

Program Manager, Climate for Health

The Climate for Health Program Manager plays a lead role in supporting ecoAmerica’s Health sector program as it expands its work with America’s leading national health executives and institutions to elevate climate change as a visible priority, build climate literacy, engage organizations and congregations to communicate and lead on climate solutions, and collaborate for collective impact.

Research Manager

The Research Manager reports to the Chief Engagement Officer, and has primary responsibility for planning, facilitating, and managing the organization’s marketing research projects including psychographic, communications, social science, and other similar research….

Graphic Designer

The Graphic Designer will support all marketing efforts and work with internal teams to design and produce the highest quality materials for program and organizational outreach. S/he will work from the San Francisco office and be responsible for creating and producing print and digital materials and communications…

Programs Intern

The programs intern reports directly to the Program Operations Director, and assists the Sector Directors (Business, Communities, Faith, Health, Higher Education) with 1) planning; 2) research; 3) content production 4) communications 5) database management 6) project management 7) implementation activities and 8) ad hoc projects…


Since 2007, ecoAmerica has launched over ten national programs with dozens of partners to engage the public on climate and foster climate and sustainability solutions.  Here are a few of our notable legacy programs:


Dr. Norman Anderson, Former CEO, American Psychological Association

Erik Blachford, Venture Partner, Technology Crossover Ventures

Aimée Christensen, Founder and CEO, Christensen Global

David Fenton, Fenton Communications

Scott Galloway, Clinical Professor of Marketing, NYU Stern School of Business

Daryl Hannah, Actress

Bobbi Hapgood, Founder, Philanthropic Ventures

James A. Kohlberg, Co-founder and Chairman, Kohlberg & Company, LLC.

Norris Lozano, CEO, BusinessUS

Richard Louv, Author, Journalist, and Speaker

Paul Junger WittFounder, Witt-Thomas Productions and Coast Ridge Films

Sophia Mendelsohn, Head of Sustainability, JetBlue Airways

Rand Rosenberg, Former Senior VP of Corporate Strategy and Development, PG&E

Ruth Shaw, PhD., Former President, Duke Power

Holly Welch Stubbing, Executive Vice President, Foundation for the Carolinas

David Yarnold, President, National Audobon Society


We welcome your interest and partnership in our programs, events, research, and mission.

ecoAmerica is not affiliated or in any way connected with MyEcoamerica.

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