Lisa Renstrom

Co-Founder, ValuesAdvisor

Lisa Renstrom identifies as a Nebraskan but a decade in the hotel industry in Mexico focusing on a single bottom line, enhanced her worldview. Back in the US, social returns became paramount, which manifested as Executive Director of Voice & Choices, President of the National Sierra Club, President of Rachel’s Network and the co-creation of DivestInvest Individual and most recently Values Advisor. As co-founder and champion of the non-profit ValuesAdvisor she seeks to make it frictionless for HNW investors to find a values-aligned Financial Advisor and move money toward good.

She serves as President of Threshold Foundation and serves on the Boards of Bonwood Social Investments, ecoAmerica, and Fresh Farm Markets DC. Formal education happened at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, Owner President Management (OPM) at Harvard Business and MC/MPA from the Harvard University Kennedy School of Government.