Climate Action Sheets

ecoAmerica’s Climate Action Sheets provide critical, straightforward information on what people need to know and need to do about climate change. From home to workplace, from community to policymakers, these immediately actionable handouts provide clear, simple action steps.

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Climate Action Sheet

5 Steps to Effective Climate Communication

Americans are increasingly concerned about climate change. 75% of us are concerned and 48% are very concerned. With the impacts all around us, it is easier than ever to strike up a conversation. This action sheet (handout) contains 5 steps to crafting emotionally resonant, personalized, and effective messages on climate change.

Climate Action Sheet

Our Ocean: Changing Climate, Shifting Tides

The ocean is precious to us all. It pours forth beauty, supports clean jobs, offers abundant food, and is central to stabilizing the earth’s climate.

Climate Action Sheet

Climate, Health, and Food

Eating lots of plant-based, nutrient-rich foods supports personal health and is the best way to prevent chronic illness and disease.

Climate Action Sheet

Restoring Nature = Restoring Ourselves

If we restore thriving nature, we all live healthier, more fulfilling lives while addressing climate change.

Climate Action Sheet

Climate Solutions for Your Home and Neighborhood

Climate change is a big problem that affects everyone, so how can you and your family make a difference?

Climate Action Sheet

Climate Solutions for Your Workplace

Our climate is changing, but if we all move to more climate-friendly choices we can help restore healthier people, prosperous communities, and a thriving planet.

Climate Action Sheet

Climate Solutions for Your Community

We have all been hearing about climate change and know we need to do something, but what?

Climate Action Sheet

Climate Solutions Advocacy with Policy Makers

Moving policy makers to tackle climate change can be a rewarding task.

Climate Action Sheet

Climate and Faith
A Call to Stewardship, Creating Refuge, and Bearing Witness

Foundational to many faith traditions is the belief that we are to care for the earth and all that is in it because it is sacred.