Madeleine Kohlberg

Madeleine is currently enrolled in NYU, STERN pursuing her MBA, while actively participating in various clubs and centers such as the Private Equity and Venture Capital Club, STERN Women in Business, and The Berkeley Center for Entrepreneurship. Alongside her studies, she works as an analyst at Global PayTech Ventures where she collaborates with founders and searches for new companies to invest in. Madeleine is also a member of Golden Seeds, an Angel Investing Group, focused on bridging the gender gap in investment. In her spare time, she volunteers at Salvation for Families and serves as a board member of the Camalotte Foundation. Previously, Madeleine worked in the hospitality industry with Major Food Group, where she became passionate about food and food sustainability. She holds a degree in Communications and a minor in Social Work from Miami University. A dynamic individual with diverse interests and accomplishments, Madeleine currently resides in New York City.