GOTV: Midterms 2022

The future of our climate is always on the ballot, including in the midterms. Midterm elections often include Congressional races and city and state ballot measures that have the potential to shift the trajectory of #ClimateAction locally, regionally, and nationally. 

According to the Environmental Voter Project, over 12 million environmentalists skipped the 2018 midterm elections. We must turn out better in 2022. We’ve heard for a long time that now is the time for climate action. But, the evidence is only growing — now is the time for climate action

These 2022 midterms can make or break our future to live in a safe and healthy world. Whether you are a concerned citizen or an organizational leader, you can help others exercise their right to vote. Every vote counts, including and most importantly your own. So much energy is dedicated to getting out the vote for general elections, however midterm elections are just as important! Please vote this midterm and help others do the same. This social toolkit is designed to help. Follow these steps, and help Get Out The Vote!

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