With so much uncertainty in our world, charting a clear path forward on climate change is essential. Climate solutions that can minimize impacts, address health, racial and economic inequities, and build our communities and economy back stronger than ever are at hand.  Americans’ support for those solutions is growing dramatically.  We need to unify and harness that power and direct it toward effective solutions.

At ecoAmerica, we assembled a group of advocacy experts from our network to determine how to accomplish this – make climate change an election and post-election priority by demonstrating extensive public support for determinant climate policy. They developed a public statement and sign-on initiative for individuals and organizations to bring cohesion to their organizations, their sectors, and across society.  It calls for the necessary Ambition (halve emissions by each decade going forward), Restoration (restore thriving natural areas, waters, and agricultural lands) and Justice (engage and serve all populations equitably).

Momentus Statement:

We need to address climate change now. Together, we can bring about ambitious and equitable solutions rooted in shared American values that address climate risks and impacts and bring broad benefits to society. We have a moral imperative to act individually, organizationally and collectively to protect our health, our children, our communities, and our future while there is time left to chart a new path forward.

We call for ambitious climate policies from local, regional and national policymakers that eliminate carbon pollution, restore thriving natural systems, and bring equitable solutions that protect and support all Americans. These solutions must halve carbon emissions each decade going forward and begin removing existing carbon pollution.

We will also take action in our workplaces, communities, organizations and our homes to eliminate and reverse our contributions to climate pollution, advocate for ambitious policies at the local, regional and national levels, and encourage others to do the same.

Climate change is becoming irreversible, with consequences so dramatic they are impossible to overstate. But as before, in the darkest of times, American ingenuity and innovation can prevail for a brighter and more equitable tomorrow. Together we can turn this moment of trial into our greatest triumph. We invite you to join us.

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About Us

MomentUs, a sign-on initiative calling for ambitious and equitable climate solutions at the local, regional and national levels. It was created by ecoAmerica and leaders and organizations from health, faith and local communities sectors to engage a broader diversity of Americans in climate action and advocacy, and make a meaningful difference in the trajectory of solutions.

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