Mental Health And Our Changing Climate, 2021 Edition

This report chronicles the impacts of climate change on Americans’ mental health and psychological well-being and provides guidance and resources to act and advocate.

American Climate Leadership Awards 2023

Announcing the 30 Semifinalists


From home to workplace, from community to policymakers, these immediately actionable handouts provide clear, simple
action steps.

ecoAmerica builds institutional leadership, public support, and political resolve for climate action and advocacy in the United States. Through our three sector-based programs and our network of nearly 100 trusted national organizations and their affiliates, we reach into local communities across the nation with training and incentives that expand and empower the base of effective local activism. Read our latest Impact Report including a letter from our Founder and President, Bob Perkowitz.

ecoAmerica reaches millions of Americans from all walks of life through a rapidly growing network of 200+ mainstream institutions and leaders from outside the traditional environmental movement.

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Reaches 2 Million Health Professionals

Our Climate for Health program partners with America’s leading health associations and institutions to make climate change a top national health priority.

Reaches 57 Million Congregants

Our Blessed Tomorrow program works with leaders from across a diversity of traditions to care for creation and elevate their leadership on climate change as a moral, religious, and justice issue.

Reaches 19,000 Communities

Our Path to Positive Communities program inspires and empowers local climate leadership in America’s cities, towns, and counties.

Making a Difference

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ecoAmerica’s resources, guides, and over 150 special topic videos make climate understandable and actionable.

ecoAmerica offers psychographic and values-based research, research on trends and consolidates social science into guidance, communications research, and tested messaging guidance for effective climate conversations.

Americans are growing more concerned about climate change. As they experience impacts to their health, livelihoods, and communities, they are increasingly looking for guidance on solutions from leaders in their daily lives — community leaders like you.

ecoAmerica convenes national events, bringing together prominent leaders from diverse sectors to build and share knowledge, forge new alliances, amplify collaboration, and inspire fresh strategies for effective climate action.

The American Climate Leadership Awards honor and recognize outstanding achievements in local, regional and national climate advocacy and action.

The must-attend, go-to webcast discussion for the most current and best thinking on climate change.

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How You Can Make a Difference

Our partners lead by example and engage their members in climate action, adaption, and advocacy by joining dozens of the peer organizations in ecoAmerica’s Climate for Health, Blessed Tomorrow, and Path to Positive Communities programs.

Our health, faith, and civic leadership circles welcome local, state, and regional leaders who commit to climate action and advocacy in their spheres of activities and influence.

ecoAmerica’s Ambassador training will empower and equip you to inspire your community, colleagues, the public, and policymakers to take action on climate change that makes a difference.

Please support ecoAmerica’s work in building climate leadership and ensuring a healthy and prosperous world for our families and future generations.