ACLS19 Climate Leader Q&A: Rev. Dr. John Dorhauer

The American Climate Leadership Summit 2019 (ACLS19) on May 1-2 will feature conversations with prominent climate experts and advocates. This year’s theme is “Breakthrough,” and we’re looking for just that — breakthrough strategies and ideas to help transform climate action into a true national priority.

ecoAmerica asked our ACLS19 speakers to shine a light on their climate breakthrough moments and ideas. We’re pleased to provide the latest interview in our speaker series, from Rev. Dr. John Dorhauer.

Rev. Dr. John Dorhauer is the General Minister and President of the United Church of Christ.

What was your climate breakthrough moment?

In 2013, after much contentious debate, the United Church of Christ became the first religious body to vote to divest from fossil fuels.

What do you wish more Americans knew about climate change?

I wish more Americans applied science, rather than arcane religious sensibilities, to their assessment of the threat levels of climate change. It angers me greatly when I hear Christians using their assumptions about their faith to deny climate change, its effects on the environment, and their need to act in ways to alter this inevitable decline we are all witnessing.

What are current climate breakthroughs or initiatives that give you hope that we will effectively address climate change?

The lawsuit brought by the young leaders in the 9th Circuit Court, Juliana v. US. This to me is one of the most inspiring and impactful actions I have seen of late regarding climate change. More than anything, the resolve and ingenuity it took to start this, and to follow through with it — not just as a publicity stunt, is very encouraging and exciting.

What do you hope the ACLS19 will accomplish in moving the needle on climate action?

It is my hope that while we are all together, new avenues of cooperation will emerge. I want us to reach the point where the whole of what we contribute becomes greater than the sum of our parts.

Why should others join you at ACLS19?

This event is a serious effort to raise the level of both awareness and public dialogue about the current condition of the Earth, after decades of denying the effects of climate change.  


Hear more from Rev. Dr. John Dorhauer May 1-2 at the American Climate Leadership Summit 2019 in Washington, D.C. Click Here to Register

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