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The front of the United States Capitol in Washington, DC

What Americans Agree About on Climate Change

There are obvious facts about climate change and things we don’t know exactly yet. At the same time, Americans have different information sources and different priorities in their lives. Combine these and we end up with different perspectives on climate change. One thing is clear though, as the impacts become evermore undeniable and unignorable, we have an uncertain future for all of us. So, what do Americans think about climate change now?
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A line of about 30 people standing side by side as a pipeline vigil in Minnesota. The sun in setting behind them and there is snow on the ground.

A Deeper Change

This photo is from Northfield, Minnesota, where a group of us gathered in 2014 to show our support for the earth and our opposition to the KXL Keystone Pipeline. I love the picture, which places human protest in the big context: river, sunset, trees, and town.
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