Finalists for the 2023 American Climate Leadership Awards Announced

ecoAmerica is pleased to announce the top ten finalists for the 2023 American Climate Leadership Awards (ACLA) as voted on by the esteemed ACLA Selection Committee.

Ten Climate Organizations Take Home at least $10,000 each

What do youth, Unitarians, Moms, Marylanders, worker cooperatives, Hawaiians, physicians, farmers, and corporate employees have in common, when it comes to addressing climate change? Well, plenty in 2023!

ecoAmerica is pleased to announce the top ten finalists for the 2023 American Climate Leadership Awards (ACLA) as voted on by the esteemed ACLA Selection Committee. This year’s finalists include extraordinary efforts in climate justice programming, K-12 climate change curriculum, employees organizing for change, engaging through agriculture, a network of worker cooperatives seeking climate reparations, moms coming together for their children’s future, and physicians caring for migrants impacted by our changing climate. 

Finalists will each receive $10,000, with the runner-up receiving $25,000 and the winner $50,000. The finalists will be celebrated — and the runner-up and winner announced —  during the awards broadcast on March 30, 2023. American actress and climate activist Jane Fonda will also be featured as this year’s inaugural Climate Crusader award recipient.

Congratulations to the ten 2023 American Climate Leadership Award finalists (in alphabetical order)

  1. Amazon Employees for Climate Justice
  2. Chesapeake Climate Action Network: Electrify MoCo Campaign
  3. Climate Generation: Improving Nationwide Climate Change Education, Our Teach Climate Network
  4. Cooperation Jackson: Jackson Just Transition Plan
  5. Hawaii Green Growth UN Local 2030 Hub
  6. Migrant Clinicians Network: Meeting the Needs of Vulnerable Populations Impacted by Climate Change
  7. Mothers Out Front: Organizing For a Livable Climate for All
  8. The Wild Center: Youth Climate Program
  9. Unitarian Universalist Association: Climate Justice programming
  10. Zumwalt Acres: A Regenerative Agriculture Community

Four years in, ACLA is recognizing climate action at levels that invites people in their communities to participate. This year’s finalists reflect an exciting evolution of the climate movement, winning new audiences and influencing stakeholders at every level in ways that are replicable for others to follow. Whereas tackling greenhouse gas emissions was one center of gravity in the past, these finalists are demonstrating that focusing on justice and young people is what is moving the needle. 

The selection committee includes Actor and Environmental Activist and Author Ed Begley; 35th Mayor of Salt Lake City Jackie Biskupski; Youth climate activist Daphne Frias; Mothers Out Front Fresno Community Organizer LaTisha Harris; International environmental advocate and eco-living expert Laura Turner Seydel; Earth Uprising Founder Alexandria Villaseñor; and Hip Hop Caucus President and CEO Rev. Lennox Yearwood Jr

Author, environmentalist, and Third Act founder Bill McKibben is the committee chair for the second year.  

Join us on March 30 to hear the runner-up and winner announced and celebrate this outstanding group of awardees! Register today.

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ecoAmerica’s American Climate Leadership Awards (ACLA) recognizes, rewards, and shares best practices on climate change advocacy and action nationwide. ACLA provides $175,000 annually in recognition of real climate leadership. Individuals and organizations selected as finalists have achieved demonstrated success in engaging a broader diversity of Americans for climate action at local, regional, and national levels, in ways that are replicable, while prioritizing diversity, inclusion, and justice.

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