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ecoAmerica’s Let’s Talk Climate provides guidance and support to climate activists as they seek to expand public support and political resolve for equitable and effective climate solutions. Let’s Talk Climate features: nature/science, health, communities, faith, politics, people, and leadership in rotating weekly sessions with empowering information and fresh ideas.

Let’s Talk Climate

Bi-Partisan American Attitudes: It’s Time for Urgent Climate Action

In this special research episode, we take a look at our American Climate Perspective Survey with report co-author, Nicole Hill, MPH.

Upcoming Episodes
The Tranformative Power of Film on Climate Action, January 5

Communities in the global south have been impacted by climate change for many years. The film, The Ants & The Grasshopper, follows Malawian farmer Anita Chitaya as she navigates race, gender, and faith to travel to the U.S. to convince Americans that climate change is a real and urgent threat. Join us as we talk to award-winning author, academic, and film-maker Raj Patel to discuss how his new documentary shows the transformative power of faith and community in the face of the climate crisis. Blessed Tomorrow partners are hosting free screenings of the film with follow-up sermons and bible studies.

Recent Episodes

  • Nature vs. COVID-19: Security, Love, Restoration

    Nature vs. COVID-19: Security, Love, Restoration

    Features a conversation with Richard Louv, Author, Last Child in the Woods, Lisa Renstrom, Former Sierra Club President, and Lise Van Susteren, MD, American Psychiatrist and author of Emotional Inflammation. The psychological impacts of our compounding crises…

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  • Motherhood in a Changing Climate: Pregnancy and Birth Outcomes

    Motherhood in a Changing Climate: Pregnancy and Birth Outcomes

    Bruce Bekkar, Obstetrician/Gynecologist and Climate Activist Santosh Pandipati, Maternal-Fetal Medicine specialist and MFM Director at a local hospital in San Jose, CA Nsedu Witherspoon, Executive Director of the Children’s Environmental Health Network Climate change has motivated action…

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