Regeneración, American Climate Leadership Awards Runner-Up

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Regeneración, American Climate Leadership Awards Runner-Up

Regeneración was among 10 American Climate Leadership Award finalists recognized at the American Climate Leadership Awards Virtual Ceremony on March 25. 

A place-based grassroots organization on the California coast, Regeneración works to protect farmworkers from climate change. Regeneración serves the primarily Mexican heritage farmworker community of the Pájaro Valley to help realize a shared vision of a just, thriving and resilient community by co-creating relevant and relatable climate solutions with the people most at risk of adverse effects. Regeneración engages leaders across a spectrum of health, social service, educational, and government agencies to explore how climate change is a threat to their successful mission delivery, catalyzes them to co-create and lead on solutions and follows the lead of local tribal bands.

“We have the collective knowledge and resources at this point to avoid complete catastrophe. We need to unite enough people into a mass movement around a common goal of protecting a livable planet. This will only succeed if we also ensure an end to the exploitation of land, resources, and people.”

Join us at the rescheduled American Climate Leadership Summit 2020 (ACLS 2020) August 26-27 in Washington, DC, when we will honor Regeneración and the other ACLA finalists in person. For more information about the ACLA finalists and ACLS 2020 go to and Register Today.

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