American Climate Perspectives Surveys

Trends and developments of Americans’ climate perspectives over the years. 


2022 American Climate Perspectives

Vol I: More Americans Are Concerned About Climate Change

Vol II, Part I: Making the Climate and Health Connection 

Vol II, Part II: Climate Change Sparks Emotional Responses 

Vol III: American Energy Attitudes 

Vol IV: Climate Change & 2022 Midterms




2021 American Climate Perspectives

Vol I: Climate Justice 

Vol II: Health Surpasses Jobs in Climate Action Support 

Vol III: The Rural-Urban Divide on Climate Change 

Vol IV: Severe Weather Drives Climate Concerns 

Vol V: American Energy Attitudes




2020 American Climate Perspectives 

Vol I: Electeds Who Prioritize Climate 

Vol II: Americans Feel Alone in Concern 

Vol III: Climate Is a Voting Issue 

Vol IV: Voters Stand With Climate Candidates

Vol V: American Energy Attitudes 

Vol VI: Post-Election Climate Perspectives 




2019 American Climate Perspectives 

Vol I: Hope for Action 

Vol II: Rural, Suburban, and Urban 

Vol III: Health as a Major Motivator 

Vol IV: Mothers Know Best

Vol V: Cities to Prepare for Summer Weather 

Vol VI: Energy and Nuclear 

Vol VII: Student Climate Strikes 



2018 American Climate Perspectives 

January: Advocacy 

February: Gender 

March: Millennials 

April: Demographics 

May: Trust

June: Mid-Year Summary 

July: Nuclear 

August: Severe Weather 

September: Voting Issue, Part I 

October: Voting Issue, Part II
November: IPCC Report 

December: Congress 

Mid-Year Summary 


2017 American Climate Perspectives 

February: Trump

April: Solutions 

April: Beliefs

May: Concern 

May: Executive Orders 

June: Children & Nature 

July: Local Communities 

August: Common Ground 

September: Motivations 

October: State of America 

November: Advocacy 

December: Action 

Annual Summary