American Climate Perspectives: Top 10 Trends in Climate Opinion

climate changeIn an effort to better understand trends in Americans’ shifting attitudes on and awareness of climate change, and to underscore areas of common ground, ecoAmerica synthesized findings from the latest national polls in its American Climate Perspectives: 2017 Annual Summary and released the results in our October 2017 American Climate Perspectives report.

Here are the top 10 most significant trends we found.

Top 10 Trends

Climate concern has soared, although the political divide on the topic persists.

1. Within the past year, personal concern about climate change has soared, reaching an all-time high.

2. Democrats report up to three times the level of concern about the issue as Republicans.

There is a strong belief that we have the power to take positive action.

3. Regardless of their level of concern, 3/4 of Americans believe we can reduce the pollution that is causing climate change.

4. More than 70% of Americans believe they personally, and 80% think we collectively, can and need to take action on climate.

Climate solutions have broad appeal:

5. American support for clean energy is high, with a large majority (83% and above) favoring the expansion of wind and solar power.

6. More than 75% of Americans believe large companies should pay for their climate pollution.

7. Americans are also beginning to see the personal benefits climate solutions will bring to their pocketbooks.

8. Majorities of Americans said that America should participate in the Paris Agreement.

9. More than 3/4 of Trump supporters favor an “all of the above” energy mix (including clean energy).

Finally, support is growing for a “yes, in my backyard!” approach to solving climate change.

10. Americans are beginning to look to their local communities to take up the mantle on climate solutions and action.

To read additional findings in the full report, please look here.

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