Climate Leaders Share Their Success Stories

Climate Leaders

Across the nation, Americans are now taking up the mantle on climate change as action on the issue moves from the federal level to the state and local level. People are looking to community leaders for solutions. Fortunately, local climate leadership is burgeoning, and with increased visibility and clearer guidance, it has the opportunity to achieve meaningful scale.

Building off our Let’s Talk Climate  communication guides, ecoAmerica is pleased to announce the publication of our Let’s Lead on Climate guides, which spotlight those who not only “talk the talk,” but “walk the walk.”

This guide features case studies from the faith, health, and community sectors, representing organizations and regions across America that have successfully engaged their constituents in programs and initiatives to elevate climate leadership, action, and solutions. From nurses to pastors to city supervisors, these stories allow others to see how Americans just like themselves have made a difference in their own neighborhoods and local communities.

Inspiring Ideas, Practical Advice

Within each story are lessons and insights, recommendations, and metrics that reflect outcomes. Though distinctive, all nine of the featured stories draw from these important lessons:

  • Start with people, stay with people. Find ways to involve community members in each phase of your climate initiative. This will increase knowledge, input, and participation for stronger outcomes, and build support for your efforts.
  • Consider the most vulnerable. Carefully consider the impacts and implications for the most vulnerable in your community, for more just, equitable, and supported outcomes.
  • Communicate broadly, clearly, and often. Stakeholders will be more supportive of your initiative if they clearly understand your goals, progress, and how they will benefit.
  • Seek guidance, be agile, and work toward continuous improvements. Remember, success is constant progress toward a worthy goal.

We hope that in shining a light on these success stories, we can help many more leaders envision how their own organization and community can lead on climate. You can download the full guide here.

In the weeks ahead, this blog will feature highlights of these stories and lessons. Stay tuned.



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