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Congratulations to American Climate Leadership Awards winner, Tara Houska —Giniw Collective an indigenous-women, 2-spirit led frontline resistance to protect Mother Earth, defend the sacred and live in balance. Their focus is on systemic change that respects Indigenous sovereignty and the severity of the climate crisis. They prioritize traditional knowledge, divestment strategies, and land defense on the frontlines of protecting the earth.

And congratulations to runner up, Youth Vs. Apocalypse, founded by a group of youth and one teacher from Oakland, CA, urging city council members not to approve a coal terminal in a low-income, polluted community of color. The response from youth, elected officials, and the media quickly demonstrated the viability and power of school-based, youth-led organizing around intersectional climate justice issues. These results pushed Youth Vs. Apocalypse to continue providing education and a space for frontline youth to organize. They now connect frontline youth, ages 10 through 19 years old, throughout the area to act collectively and stand in solidarity with other actions, and movements.

Watch the awards on demand and see short videos featuring the finalists. 

The finalists share $155,000 in awards in recognition of their work, including $50,000 for Tara Houska — Giniw Collective as the winner, and $25,000 for Youth Vs. Apocalypse as runner up! We can all learn from them and apply that learning in our own communities. The finalists exemplify outstanding climate initiatives which give change agents and the public inspiration to model and replicate for continued climate action across the nation. American Climate Leadership Awards top 10 finalists Replication Guides offer a successful and stepwise model for you to replicate in your community. Learn more HERE.

Thank you to all who joined us at the 10th annual American Climate Leadership Summit see session videos including the awards ceremony HERE.

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