Christian Figueres speaks at Path to Positive: 2014 MomentUs Leadership Summit

Christiana Figueres, Executive Secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), emphasizes the need to engage people for climate solutions. Figueres explains the importance of MomentUs in providing the missing link for local and community leaders, and in bringing a diversity of leaders onto a path to positive climate solutions. She affirms that a new narrative and new ideas will create awareness, build momentum, and put us on a track for a stable, healthy planet, and encourages leaders to support and join MomentUs.

MomentUs, launched in January 2013, is a new strategic organizing and communications initiative designed to build a game-changing increase in personal and institutional support for climate change solutions by using local and regional impacts and preparedness to engage the breadth of the American public in mitigation.

Download the MomentUs overview.

MomentUs will lead from behind, fill in strategic gaps, and empower sector-based American responses to the economic health, security and moral challenges brought by climate change. It has been designed to help bring together the strategies, partners and funders needed to ignite successful progress on a new path for climate solutions in America.

This path is rooted in the empirical past. By studying past social change efforts and the ongoing battle for climate in America, we can learn what works and use this information to determine success factors to advance truly effective solutions.

The MomentUs Plan, prepared with the support of the MacArthur Foundation and the Linden Trust for Conservation, contains the analysis and a dynamic, flexible plan for building support for climate and sustainability solutions in America. In its organization and outreach, MomentUs will be proactively inclusive and reflect the diversity of America that is essential to building truly effective public support. 

Help move America forward on climate solutions.

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