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The following blog is a part of our American Climate Leadership Award 2021 Series

Philly Thrive, American Climate Leadership Awards 2021 Finalist

Philly Thrive are among 10 American Climate Leadership Award finalists to be recognized at the American Climate Leadership Summit 2021 (ACLS 2021) on April 27 during the live broadcast.

In 2015, Philly Thrive’s organizers conducted an extensive listening campaign, talking to hundreds of Philadelphians about environmental justice. It became clear from this door-knocking that the Philadelphia Energy Solutions refinery was a key worry for residents and a key space to contest for power and resident-led decision-making.

Philly Thrive’s organizers, with experience running grassroots campaigns for environmental justice, knew that winning against the Philadelphia Energy Solutions refinery was possible if they came together and ran strategic campaigns. Through their efforts to influence the media narrative around fossil fuel infrastructure in the city of Philadelphia and shift it in favor of the planet and communities, the group was ultimately successful and in 2020 ultimately won the permanent closure of the refinery.

Join us at the American Climate Leadership Summit 2021 (ACLS 2021) to honor Philly Thrive and the other ACLA finalists. For more information about the ACLA finalists and ACLS 2021 go to and Register Today.

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