Sunrise Movement Education Fund, American Climate Leadership Awards 2021 Finalist

The following blog is a part of our American Climate Leadership Award 2021 Series

Sunrise Movement Education Fund, American Climate Leadership Awards 2021 Finalist

Sunrise Movement Education Fund are among 10 American Climate Leadership Award finalists to be recognized at the American Climate Leadership Summit 2021 (ACLS 2021) on April 27 during the live broadcast.

With the news that the country would be under shelter-in-place orders, Sunrise Movement quickly pivoted their training strategy and created the Sunrise School – a virtual classroom where thousands of participants gain political education and develop skills as organizers. This digital platform has allowed for Sunrise’s message to spread across the country, greatly increasing accessibility and equity to the movement. Their mission is to train thousands of young people across the country in key organizing skills and educate the general public about the dire threat of the climate crisis and the bold, equitable solutions proposed by the Green New Deal.  

To date, Sunrise School has had over 19,000 people sign up for 66 courses, of which 7,500 were new to Sunrise totally. Of those participants, 42% were people of color and 40% were working class.

Join us at the American Climate Leadership Summit 2021 (ACLS 2021) to honor Sunrise Movement Education Fund and the other ACLA finalists. For more information about the ACLA finalists and ACLS 2021 go to and Register Today.

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