Mothers Out Front, American Climate Leadership Awards 2021 Finalist

The following blog is a part of our American Climate Leadership Award 2021 Series

Mothers Out Front, American Climate Leadership Awards 2021 Finalist

Mothers Out Front are among 10 American Climate Leadership Award finalists to be recognized at the American Climate Leadership Summit 2021 (ACLS 2021) on April 27 during the live broadcast.

Using a deep community organizing approach, Mothers Out Front empowers mothers to step into leadership roles within community-based teams, providing the training, and tools needed to develop and win campaigns. This is done by recruiting and mobilizing mothers through deep organizing community by community, with the knowledge that moms everywhere will stop at nothing to protect their children’s future.

They are now 36,000 strong, including more than 3,100 engaged leaders across a dozen states, with on-the-ground organizers in five states. In 2020, Mothers Out Front hosted 174 webinars and in Massachusetts alone, 200+ moms participated in our digital trainings.

Join us at the American Climate Leadership Summit 2021 (ACLS 2021) to honor Mothers Out Front and the other ACLA finalists. For more information about the ACLA finalists and ACLS 2021 go to and Register Today.

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